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Misfit Dahlias

WICKY WOO (1960)

WICKY WOO (1960)

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BB-FD-BI 3015

Form: Formal Decorative   

Size: Small 4-6"

Color: Bicolor Purple and White 

Hybridizer: Brown 

Introduction Year: 1960*

April 3, 2023 Misfit Monday post: It's Misfit Monday! And today's featured Misfit is WICKY WOO! A super cute small formal decorative bi-color that made its way to the dahlia world in 1960, possibly earlier. This beauty is one of my favorites, especially when it gets wacky and throws mutated color patterns, which it does often. I also love that I picked this variety up last spring at a Garage sale that was selling cuttings. At the time I didn't know the seller but now she is one of my close dahlia friends! I may have even been at her house last week dividing tubers with her lol! Anyone else grow this fun variety?

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