Tubers will be shipped Priority Mail through USPS. Shipping rates are set at $10 for 1-3 tubers, $15 for 4-15 tubers, and $20 for 16+ tubers. Tubers will begin to ship in April depending on weather. Each tuber will be packaged individually in recyclable ziplock bags, cushioned with reused shipping filler. Upon arrival tubers should be removed from ziplock bag and stored using customers' preferred storage methods until planting. Misfit Dahlias storage methods are listed below.

Combining Orders

We apologize at this time we will not be combining multiple orders.


Tubers are guaranteed to be good quality with at least one eye. Please inspect
tubers upon arrival and notify us within 10 days of delivery about any issues.
No further guarantees can be made. After delivery: storage, planting, and care
are all out of our hands.

"Limit One" Varieties

"Limit one" varieties will be limited to 1 tuber per household. If more than 1
tuber is purchased order will be canceled and refunded.

Variety Descriptions

Descriptions of form, size, and color come from the ADS CHD (American Dahlia
Society Classification and Handbook of Dahlias). If not classified with the ADS,
form, size and color are determined to the best of our abilities. An asterisk (*) after the introduction year indicates that the exact introductory year is unknown but it has been in circulation since that particular year. If a variety has been highlighted on Misfit Dahlias' Instagram and Facebook page in a "Misfit Monday" the post will be copied and pasted under the variety description. These copied paragraphs contain more information about a bloom and sometime refer to pictures that were post with the information at the time, not the pictures that are posted on this website. ADS classifications can be found at http://dahlia.org. Other sites we recommend checking out for information about dahlias are http://dahliaaddict.com, http://dahliaworld.co.uk, and http://ndsarchive.co.uk

Misfit Dahlias' Storage Method

After digging, washing, dividing, and washing again (all in the same day), tubers are dried for less than 24 hours. Once dry, tubers are wrapped in saran wrap and put to bed in the tuber basement. The tuber basement temperature fluctuates between 45 degrees F and 55 degrees F with an average humidity of 81%. Tubers are acclimated to the temperature of the tuber basement and then wrapped in the same environment to increase the chances of survival. One week prior to sale, tubers are unwrapped in the same environment and checked for quality. At this point tubers are packaged individually in ziplock bags. Upon arrival, condensation may be present inside ziplock due to shipping conditions that are out of our control. We recommend removing tubers and storing in customers' preferred storage method until planting.

Misfit Dahlias' Planting Method

Misfit Dahlias plants pre-started tubers vertically and shallower than most. However this method isn't for everyone. Pre-starting tubers takes a lot of time and space to grow inside before planting outside. If you don't have time or space we don't recommend starting tubers indoor before planting outside. For most Misfit Dahlias recommends tubers to be planted outside in the spring after risk of frost. Plant tubers 6" deep in well draining but moist, nutrient rich soil, with eye facing up. Do not water tubers until at least 3 inches of growth is seen above ground. If your soil is dry at planting then yes water as needed. For tubers to grow soil should be 60 degs F and moist. Pretty simple but not fool proof. Happy Planting!

ADS Medals

Stanley Johnson Medal: Awarded each year to the cultivar (variety of dahlia) that earns the most higher level awards/ribbons among the ADS shows, across the USA and Canada. A variety can only win this award once.

Les Connell Medal: Awarded to the cultivar that has the most total awards/ribbons in the first 5 years since it's introduction. Cultivar must have been introduced through an ADS trail garden or seedling bench. And must be still listed in the CHD in the 5th year.

Derrill W. Hart: Awarded to the new cultivar with the highest average trial garden score from 3 trial accredited trial gardens located across the USA and Canada. This award is only given to AA/A; B; BB; M; Ball/Miniature Ball/Pompon; ST/NX; and Waterlily.

Lynn B. Dudley: Awarded to the new cultivar with the highest average score on the ADS seedling bench. This award is only given to AA/A; B; BB; M; Ball/Miniature Ball/Pompon; ST/NX; and Waterlily.

The Evie Gulikson: Awarded to the new cultivar with the highest average trial garden score and the new cultivar with the highest average seedling bench score. This award is only given to open center and disc center forms.