About Us

The Misfit Family

This is us! My name is Christine and for the most part I run Misfit Dahlias on my own. However I am never alone, as a stay at home mom, I usually have my 3 year old Mavis close at hand. My husband's name is Haider and he runs our other farming business: High End Farms, an I-502 Marijuana grow here in Washington. Along with Mavis, we also have our 6 year old, Phenix, and 10 year old, Atreyu. We live in Snohomish, Washington on a 5 acre farm that is also home to 6 rescue alpacas and a few flocks of chickens. The farm is where we grow our dahlias, not where we grow our other "misfit" crop.

Growing and Showing

So how long have I been growing dahlias? Its hard to say because I can't exactly remember. I know 10 years ago when we bought our farm I brought a handful of dahlia varieties with us from our old home, those varieties are still with us today. As for Misfit Dahlias, I started the company in the spring of 2023 after going a bit dahlia crazy the year before. 2024 will be our first tuber sale. In 2022, I joined the Snohomish County Dahlia Society and started showing dahlias. My close friend and mentor, Sheila Smith (The Dahlia Peddler), can be credited for my journey into the dahlia show world. This past year my son, Atreyu, joined me in showing dahlias. This picture is from my 3rd ADS show, where I won my 1st best in show with BARBARRY RED DWARF and my son won best junior triple in show with KELSEY TINKER.

All About the Dahlias

Dahlias, Dahlias, and more Dahlias! Here on the farm we grow about 300 different varieties that at the moment are ever changing. I am definitely still in the I want to try every variety I can get my hands on stage. This being really fun for me does create a bit of an issue when it comes to quantity of tubers. Last year I only grew 1 or 2 of each variety, so my quantities at this 1st sale will be limited. I have made it my goal for this year to grow many more of each variety if I can.


Along with growing and showing, last year I also participated in the Snohomish County Flower Collective. A group of like minded flower farmers who offer their cut flowers to Washington locals in downtown Snohomish. This year I will be participating again and look forward to being able to share my dahlias with others. The market is geared toward florists with wholesale pricing but is also open to the public. Hope to see many of you there this year! Market details and hours can be found at https//www.snocofloco.com.