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Misfit Dahlias



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MB-L 6108

Form: Miniature Ball  

Size: 2-3.5"

Color: Lavender

Hybridizer: R. Moynahan

Introduction Year: 1991

February 26, 2024 Misfit Monday Post: 

This week's Misfit Monday post is one of my absolute favorite purple dahlias! ROBANN ROYAL! Sadly pictures don't capture the color of this bloom correctly but the 2nd photo in this collection is very close. Royal is the perfect description! ROBANN ROYAL is a lavender mini ball that was introduced in 1991 by Rob and Anne Moynahan from Cincinnati. Rob and Anne have 18 introductions listed with the ADS from 1987-2016, all using the prefix "ROBANN". Both Ron and Ann were active members of the Greater Cincinnati Dahlia Association and they received an ADS gold medal in 2008 for their participation in the Dahlia world. Sadly in 2017 Robert passed away. However 2 of his daughters have continued his legacy as dahlia lovers. One, Carol Hartman, has an ADS recognized introduction: CCATS MOSCOW RED. Rob held dahlia show standard in high regards and it is very apparent in his cultivars. Other great introductions that can still be found today are ROBANN PRISTINE and ROBANN REGAL. Definitely going to be looking for more of his originations in years to come

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