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Misfit Dahlias



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P-FL 6212

Form: Pompon  

Size: under 2"

Color: Flame Yellow and Red

Hybridizer: John Maynard Keynes 

Introduction Year: 1909 

August 28, 2023 Misfit Monday Post: Misfit Monday!! Today's highlight is actually a repeat that needs updating: LITTLE BEESWING. In the ADS classification guide, this little cutie is listed as Little Beeswings with an S at the end but it is not Beeswings! It is BEESWING. And it is not from Australia (as listed) it is from the UK. Hopefully these changes will be made in the 2024 classification guide. I had the pleasure of learning these corrections from David Brown this weekend at Nationals. David Brown has collected thousands of pictures of dahlias over the years and compiled them into an online library. Definitely worth checking out. And all the pictures are free to use, the 1st and last picture posted here are from David's collection. LITTLE BEESWING is a flame colored Pompon introduced in 1909 by John Keynes. It is one of my absolute favorites and I enjoy bringing it to the shows, mainly to share, as it doesn't meet today's show standards. However this weekend at the ADS Nationals my triple of LITTLE BEESWING made it to the head table as Best Triple Pompon. I could not be happier to have won with this variety. It is the flower that sparked my journey into heritage dahlias and is an absolute pleasure to grow and show.

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