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Misfit Dahlias



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MCO-Y 9102

Form: Micro Collarette  

Size: Under 2"

Color: Yellow

Hybridizer: Colin Walker

Introduction Year: 2022

June 12, 2023 Misfit Monday post: Misfit Monday: KELSEY TINKER! This sweet little bloom is just that, Little!! And I hope it gets littler!! Introduced by Colin Walker last year as a Micro Collarette, a new classification with the ADS. In this class the blooms need to be under 2 inches in diameter, mine is just being a Misfit and exceeding that requirement by a smidge. But I hope as she gets more blooms the size of the flowers will shrink. Speaking of blooms this little one is floriferous for sure! She has already bloomed 6 times this season! A few of the blooms were not too happy about the heat but they are looking much better this week as temps have cooled in our area. On our farm this variety can be found in my son Atreyu's garden along with all the other open center varieties. He plans to show them this year at the Evergreen State Fair and maybe even an ADS show if they shrink lol

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