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Misfit Dahlias



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MB-DB 6113

Form: Miniature Ball  

Size: 2-3.5"

Color: Dark Blend Pink and Yellow 

Hybridizer: unknown 

Introduction Year: 2021* 

October 16, 2023 Misfit Monday Post: Today for Misfit Monday we have Miss CAITLIN'S JOY! If you ever wanted to grow a dahlia that changes colors every few weeks this is the one for you! I can't believe how different every picture I have of her is! Actually I can because last year at every garden I visited I was constantly asking "who is this?!" And the answer was always CAITLIN'S JOY! She was at the top of my wish list for that reason and did not disappoint. Except when trying to find more information about her. No idea who introduced this one and best guess, based on Google, she was introduced in the early 2000s. I did find a lot of information saying that she is a sport of IVANETTI (BA-PR) who is a sport of CORNEL (BA-DR), both hybridized by Geerling from Holland in the 90s. CORNEL BRONZE (BA-BR) is also a sport of CORNEL, but introduced by Smits of Holland in 2004. And then there is ISABEL (MB-DB) another sport of the CORNEL family who looks very very similar to CAITLIN'S JOY. ADS has these 2 classified as both Miniature Ball Dark Blends. Very disappointing for me to not be able to find much more about this beauty, but I still love her! If anyone has any more information please feel free to share. Happy Monday

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