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Misfit Dahlias



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CO-LB 9010

Form: Collarette   

Size: 2"+ 

Color: Light Blend Pink and White 

Hybridizer:  Sam Kordonowy (1913-1986, Married to Katherine Kordonowy 1909-2004

Introduction Year: 1986

January 22, 2024 Misfit Monday post: Misfit Monday! What was your 1st experience with a "unicorn"? For me it was APPLE BLOSSOM! When I 1st learned about it and it's popularity I just assumed it was hybridized by Floret but nope! And I was also very surprised to learn how long this flower had been around!! The ADS has APPLE BLOSSOM list has a 1986 introduction but recently a friend shared with me a Kordonowy's Dahlias catalog from 1984 that has APPLE BLOSSOM listed! (Last 2 photos from that catalog, sorry for the blurry picture) So that makes it at least for 1984! As for the hybridizer it was Sam and Katherine Kordonowy's. They owned Kordonowy's Dahlias in Castle Rock Washington. The ADS doesn't have any other cultivars from them recorded but I can't imagine APPLE BLOSSOM was the only one. If I learn of more I will for sure share. As for APPLE BLOSSOM from a cut flower perspective I can definitely see why this cute little bloom became in high demand. APPLE BLOSSOM is a light blend collarette form with soft pastel colors of buttercream yellow and unicorn pink. In my garden she grows 4" blooms on a medium sized plant. I'm not a huge open center lover but I will be keeping this one around for at least another year. And the bees love it!

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