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Misfit Dahlias



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Form: Incurved Cactus  

Size: Small 4-6"

Color: Dark Pink 

Hybridizer: Ken Greenway 

Introduction Year: 2024

Jan 8th Misfit Monday Post: My Misfit Monday has started in the best way! Just got off the phone with Ken Greenway and am feeling incredibly blessed to be able to go straight to the source for this information. Ken lives just down the hill from me and I am very lucky to call him a friend. Hopefully Ken feels the same way after my 20 questions this morning lol!

1st let's talk about this absolutely gorgeous Dark Pink, Small sized, Incurved Cactus: AC POKE! Hybridized by Ken Greenway. What an amazing bloom! The 1st 5 photos are courtesy of Ken himself. There is no doubt, as expected, that Ken grows this cultivar far superior to myself. The color is rich and the form is perfect IMO. As for the name Ken enjoys keeping everyone guessing the why and he also enjoys names with multiple meanings. So if you pronounce it AC POH-KEH then yes it's for poke, a tasty Hawaiian dish of raw fish. Poke in Hawaiian means "to slice or cut into pieces". Side note and a story for another time: I have a degree in Hawaiian Studies with an emphasis on Malama Aina. So in my garden it's AC POKE (POH-KEH). As for the other pronunciation, the meaning behind the name is polysemous.

As for Ken, he 1st started growing dahlias many many moons ago. He had them in his gardens 40 years back when he moved to his current location in Snohomish WA, but didn't go dahlia crazy till after he retired in 1998. A stop at Curt Sell's ("Goshen" prefix) Pioneer Garden in 2002 really set the ball rolling. Although at that time he did have 200 or so CONTRASTE dahlias growing next to his house along with a few others. Which must have been quite a sight. At one point someone said to him "you know they come in different colors right?" Which he did but at the time the purple and white bloom really spoke to him. From 2002 on, Ken expanded his garden and cultivars and began breeding. Along the way he joined the SCDS becoming an active member and a competitive shower. He was even president for a while. Today he is still growing and showing and adding to his huge collection of introductions. Most with the prefix "AC" but some without. 2024 will be AC POKE's introductory year

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