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Misfit Dahlias



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BB-ID-DB 3113

Form: informal Decorative 

Size: Small 4"-6" 

Color: Dark Blend Dark Pink and White 


Introduction Year: 2017*

Misfit Monday post March 12, 2024: 

Not all dahlias' origination stories can be found but that doesn't mean they don't still have a good story to tell.

HAWAII or I should say the HAWAII pictured here is a BB ID DB that was introduced in or before 2017 (according to the ADS) and is also classified as "HAWAII X". At least I think this is that HAWAII, because it turns out there are at least 6 different dahlias with the name HAWAII, all different forms, HAWAII X seems to be the closest. Either way I think she is great! I can also tell you HAWAII was one of the first dahlias I purchased over 10 years ago from our local grocery store. Yes I know grocery store dahlias can be scary but we all have to start somewhere. Besides the color of this dahlia being striking the name was why I bought it. It's funny how much the name of a dahlia can influence our need to grow it. For me I had to have HAWAII because Hawai'i is where I went to college and called my home for 6 years. Originally I went there to major in Marine Biology but after falling in love with the culture and people, I changed my major to Hawaiian Studies with an emphasis on traditional farming. After graduating I had planned to never leave. But life doesn't always go as planned and I ended up back in Washington. After that I met my husband, got married, and then bought this dahlia. Which has been growing with me ever since. And will most likely be one I grow forever. Originally I wasn't going to be including HAWAII in my upcoming sale as it is still one that can be found at most big box stores but I have decided I should offer it because it has lived this long with me and has shown no signs of illness. Making it safer than a grocery store tuber, IMO. So here she is and that is my story

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