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Misfit Dahlias



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A-SC-V 1214

Form: Semi-Cactus  

Size: Large 8-10"

Color: Variegated Yellow and Red

Hybridizer: Ken Greenway

Introduction Year: 2013

July 10,2023 Misfit Monday Post: Misfit Monday!! CRAZY IVAN is another red and yellow beauty that has won my heart! An A SC V that is a true Misfit! Each flower is unique and stunning in its own way. CRAZY IVAN was released to the ADS world in 2013 but was possibly created much earlier and it's creator...drum roll....Mr. Ken Greenway! Hybridizer of all the AC dahlias. Yep, he has snuck a few under the radar without the prefix AC. Not sure why no prefix but I do know this flower was named after an air maneuver from the show Firefly. Kind of makes me want to watch the show. This beauty was also grown in a close friend of mine's garden before she passed away so it will always have a special place in my heart. Ken gifted me a few tubers of CRAZY IVAN earlier this year and at the same time I was able to get this great picture of Ken in his tuber wake up room. Ken's passion for Dahlias is awe inspiring and I am very blessed to see it 1st hand. Can't wait to see his next creation!! Along with my next bloom of CRAZY IVAN!!!

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